We have two new Junior Russian Champions

Our children made their debut on the shows of the Argus and Art-Fortuna clubs”
15.08.2020 experts Patrina M.M. and Oganova N. J.
Zimaletto Gregory Ganga – 2*JCAC, BOB, BOS, 2 of best Junior Group 9
Galina Zimaletto – 2 *JCAC, BOB, BOS and BIG 1
16.08.2020 experts Lakotosh J.A.and Gavrilova Ya. A.
Zimaletto Gregory Ganga *2JCAC, 2*BOS
Zimaletto Galina Ermolaevna 2*JCAC, 2*BOB, 2*JBIG and 2* res. Junior BIS.